"Kyle Trombley is conscientious, respectful, and honors fully and with great success his every commitment. He manages my business, and is appointed to same with my complete trust. Kyle is astute, discerning, and extremely talented in myriad arenas. It is a pleasure to recommend him, to work with him, and to call him my friend and dedicated business partner."

~ Mia Moravis, Producer (Broadway: Jagged Little Pill; Marie; Anastasia; The Lightning Thief)

“It is a pleasure to work on any musical project with Kyle.  He creates a positive, energetic approach to any task he is accomplishing.  He is a young talented musician who works so well with people of all ages!”

~ JoAnne Mead, Voice Instructor

"Having observed him in several settings, I am enthusiastic to endorse any further education and activity for Kyle. As a student, he is always cheerful and willing to add information – at lessons, master classes, and most impressive from my standpoint, his current position as an organist for a local church. Last summer, he was charged with presenting a complicated concert; he greeted the musicians and was exceedingly helpful with their needs. Kyle is a pistol of speed and [has] an awareness for singers. I was dazzled at how fast he pulls together complicated piano parts. From my perspective, he has the necessary attitude for a career in music. He likes different kinds of music, accepts difficulties in preparing and presenting programs and always seems to embrace what it takes to be a complete musician."

~ Virginia Eskin, Pianist, Educator & Media Artist 

"The interpersonal wisdom and commitment to instructing the whole person that Mr. Trombley demonstrates has profoundly influenced my self-esteem and increased my creative freedom as it relates to vocal musical performance. His ability to understand, identify, and work through the psychological barriers impeding clarity of sound is evident in the manner in which he communicates the technical aspects of singing so the full expression of emotion and feeling of the song can be released. I learned how to love myself through song." 

~ Dr. Pierre Morton, Chief Diversity Officer at Franklin Pierce University

"In my thirty five years as a music teacher, at both the middle and high school levels, I have worked with thousands of students. Kyle stands out as one of the most musically talented and intellectually curious I have had the pleasure of teaching. As an accompanist, he reads the chord structure and is able to improvise and create an accompaniment for most genres of music. On a personal level, I appreciate Kyle’s love of learning; care for his family and friends and joyful, excitement for life."

~ Kathryn Butterfield, Music Educator

"Whether Kyle is directing a musical revue, providing piano accompaniment or working in a hectic youth services program, he evinces the same level of attention to detail and laser focused efficiency. His excellence derives not simply from talent but diligence. Kyle collaborates with as much generosity as creativity, and his keen ear is as attuned to conversational subtext as it is the intricacies of musical harmony. Kyle’s extensive list of professional accomplishments speaks for itself; what I can add is that Kyle is a delight to work with because he is as gracious as he is gifted." 

~ (The Rev.) Leaf Seligman, Adjunct Faculty, Writer, Itinerant Preacher & Restorative Practitioner

"My experience in working with Kyle as a musician for funeral services has been phenomenal. He has a great passion and enthusiasm for music, and carries a high level of professionalism and talent - well beyond his years. He presents himself in a confident and sharp manner while remaining personable and humble. With Kyle, I know that communication will remain consistent, he will come prepared and be well put together in his appearance, and that positive feedback will be given by families and attendees. I am grateful knowing I am in good hands when Kyle is involved.

~ Kat Boyd, Funeral Director

"Kyle agreed to be the musical director/pianist for 'An Evening of Stephen Sondheim' as a fundraiser for Monadnock Music. That he found the time to help plan the event, work on the music, and rehearse it with four singers over the course of several weeks, while at the same time holding down a full course load as a student (as well as an off-campus job!) is a testament to his talent, dedication, and musical ability.  All who saw the show were dazzled by Kyle’s skills as a pianist. Most importantly, his work with the performers, who varied in experience and ability, was nothing short of wonderful.  What’s more, he was able to work with one of the performers, who was not (by their definition) a “singer,” to amplify their strengths and minimize their weaknesses, in a way that made their performance one of the highlights of the evening."

~ Michael Dell'Orto, Actor, Director & Author

"I worked with Kyle while rehearsing for a Broadway cabaret performance hosted by the Keene Lions Club, and instantly, I was struck at his command of his craft and his thorough knowledge of the music the group was learning. He makes his job look so easy. He was very accommodating during these couple months, working with people individually and in small groups outside of regular rehearsal time. He worked with me specifically and my duet partner on one piece, and was ready and willing to adjust to fit our learning styles to make us feel as comfortable as possible. I trust Kyle's judgement and would be happy to collaborate with him again."

~ Nicole Colson, Keene Sentinel Contributing Writer

"Kyle has always been a motivated, ambitious, charismatic, and reliable employee. Over the years, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with Kyle, first as a youth employee and then as a program assistant.  I was continually impressed at how easily he adapted to many different roles and responsibilities, and how he persevered with challenges. Kyle was an instrumental part of our Summer Youth Program, sharing creative ideas with our youth and helping them to discover their graphic artistic abilities and workplace skills. Kyle’s special ability to connect with people has been exciting to watch, both in his career and as a person." 

~ Dr. Elizabeth (LB) Brown, Retired Youth Services Manager, City of Keene, NH

“Kyle is an excellent musician with whom to work. His versatility in musical genres added to our classroom and the student’s enjoyment of our dance class. Kyle brings a great energy and fun musical flare to the environment. In the time we had working together in the dance classroom I appreciated that Kyle was more than just “music on the side,” but was a real part of the classroom and an easy person with whom to collaborate. He was another educator in the room - while we learned about dance and created dance, we also learned about music and created music.” 

~ Linda Estabrook, Dance Educator 

"Kyle is a vocalist's best friend. Along with being an accomplished musician on performance and technical levels, he is also extremely efficient in a rehearsal space. His knowledgebase is vast, making him a valuable resource, and he knows how to meet other performers, regardless of their level of experience, where they are in the music and work with them from there. He brings an incredibly professional and positive energy into the rehearsal space. In performance, it is extremely comforting to know that someone that skilled has your back. I truly enjoyed my time working with Kyle and look forward to any possibility of working with him again."

~ Eve Pierce, Singer-Songwriter

"Right from the beginning, he brought a sense of maturity, articulation, knowledge, patience, and terrific sense of humor to our team.  We have leaned on his knowledge and ability to address situations with grace and patience, and his aptitude to resolve difficult issues. He is a wonderful collaborator not only with other students, but with staff as well.  His wealth of knowledge is vast and surprising for such a young man.  From technology to carpentry to electrical to medical and of course, music, his knowledge and experience is astonishing.  Kyle’s dedication to his studies, enthusiasm for his future is only matched by the knowledge that he will be able to accomplish anything he puts his mind to." 

~ Kim Paré, KSC/USNH IT Help Desk Supervisor